Worship is about engagement. Engaging with the Bible as we hear it read and discussed in the Sermon. Engaging with one another in offering prayers and celebrating Communion. Engaging with God as we experience the mystery of Other.

We believe that God is made known to us in the world around us – flowers, wonderful music, beautiful language – all are part of our worship experience.

There are three Services each week. The Sunday 8am Service uses more traditional language and is a quieter service that is more meditative and reflective in character. The Sunday 10am Service also includes a sermon and Holy Communion as well as special music from our Choir and hymns sung by the Choir and Congregation.  Children who attend Church School join us after the Sermon. The first 10am Service of the month is a Family Service with our children participating in the liturgy. Thursdays at 10am we gather in the Tyler Chapel in the main Church Building for an informal Service with Holy Communion.

Pastoral Care

As Fr. Richard has often said, “Pastoral care trumps everything.”  Care for the members of the parish and the wider community is fundamental to how Fr. Richard sees his priesthood. Therefore he visits and prays with the sick; oversees the prayer list by which those members who wish to be remembered in prayer by the parish may choose to do so; arranges pastoral services such as baptisms, weddings and funerals; and offers spiritual counsel and direction as needed.  Fr. Richard was trained for the priesthood in a theological college in England called the College of the Resurrection, that believes that pastoral care is the heart of parish ministry. As a college they specifically focused on the role of the priest as pastor, and that is the tradition that Fr. Richard continues to keep at Messiah. If you have questions regarding pastoral care you may call Fr. Richard at the office at 845 876 3533 or email him directly at corgirm@aol.com.