2024 Stewardship

A Letter from Fr. Richard

November 2023


There is an ebb and flow to parish life that has always been very engaging for me as a priest. There are times of great energy and commitment and there are other times when we seem less focused. For me, this current moment in our life together is filled with promise and growth. We have continued to recover the programs and direction we had before the pandemic struck, and, as important, it feels to me that this is our time to build and expand all that we do.

We have a great track record in the community for responding to individual needs. We have an extraordinary music program that deepens and enriches our worship. We have been good stewards of our resources and buildings with care and transparency. And we offer a range of programs from church school to poetry study that expands our understanding and knowledge. All this is very exciting to experience and I am profoundly grateful for everyone’s commitment to growth that has made the past year possible.

We can only build on this moment in our history with your support. In pledging to contribute to the financial wellbeing of the parish in the year to come, you are enabling us to be all that we can be and more. Because of your generosity we are able to take this time and celebrate who we are and where we are going.

So, in this final stewardship appeal, I join the Wardens and Vestry in asking that you commit your financial support to Messiah next year. As I’ve said many times, we are completely self-supporting. WE pay the utility bills, the staff salaries, the maintenance of our buildings. WE enable the ministries and fuel the programs that make a difference in people’s lives and that make Messiah a force for good in our community.

Given the lack of an endowment during 2023, we had more than a few serious cashflow crunches. We need to significantly increase our 2024 pledge revenue so that we are assured of having enough money each month to cover our expenses. I hope we can count on your pledge.

As we build on the momentum of vitality and commitment at Messiah, I am so grateful to be your priest. Together we can do so much and indeed, our time is now, to bring God’s kingdom closer to a world so in need of a message of hope.

Yours in faith,

Fr. Richard