Kids gardening at Church of the Messiah.

Church School


At Messiah, we celebrate innovation, generosity, and diversity through mindful service and practice grounded in tradition.

With a commitment to spiritual exploration through project-driven learning our church school curriculum works toward a deeper understanding of:

  • Community — within the context of inclusivity, justice, service, and global awareness
  • Purpose — considering the strengths and gifts we bring to this life, and how we can intentionally listen to other communities of faith and cultures
  • Spirituality — acknowledging the mystery, love, patience, beauty, and power within us all.

From September to June, our Church School for kids ages 4-11 meets weekly, gathering as a group on Sundays in Donegan Hall for a welcome prayer and then breaking out into smaller groups for projects, crafts, discussion, and learning with our teachers in our classrooms upstairs; students are then escorted by teachers to church before the start of communion.  Church school teachers are trained, dedicated members of the parish who have experience and/or interest in teaching young people.

On the first Sunday of each month, our church school members attend Family Service with the congregation. Our young members participate individually as readers and as a group in informal conversation with Father Richard during the homily. A youth version of the congregational bulletin is offered for each Family Service, relaying that day’s readings, hymns, and prayers in inclusive kid-friendly language while asking questions, prompting family discussion, and allowing space for real-time drawn and written responses to the service as it unfolds.  We make sure to provide kids with markers too, to help facilitate their creative responses.

To learn more about Messiah’s Church School or to participate, email the Parish Office.

The Church of the Messiah - Episcopal Church of Rhinebeck, NY