Afghan Refugee Family Support

In early February of 2022, the Episcopal Church of the Messiah in partnership with the Rotary Club of Rhinebeck undertook the sponsorship of a refugee family from Afghanistan. Working closely with the International Rescue Committee, we made a commitment to house and care for a family fleeing the grave dangers following the collapse of the American supported government in Afghanistan.

The family we were assigned by the IRC consisted of a father, Gulab and mother, Razia, along with their four children, one of whom was born at the US air force base as they were fleeing Afghanistan.

Our support consisted of financial assistance with rent and utilities, the purchase of a car, as well as other necessities such as food and clothing. We located a house to rent here in Rhinebeck and the school age children were immediately placed in the Rhinebeck schools where they were warmly welcomed.

In addition, we provided support in seeking the social services that they qualified for which included medical care.

By May, Gulab had passed his US citizenship test and obtained his drivers license, which meant he could seek employment which he has found here in Rhinebeck.

The harrowing experiences of Gulab, Razia, and their children as they escaped the Taliban were terrible yet the family have settled into the community and have made connections with other Afghan and Muslim residents in the Hudson Valley.

The Church of the Messiah and the Rotary Club of Rhinebeck are committed to supporting the family until they can be completely independent. We hope to raise the funds necessary for that support from the wider community. If you would like to made a financial donation to support housing and care for this wonderful family, please make your donation using the donate button below or sending your check made out the Church of the Messiah, memoed “Afghan family support” and mailed to the church at P.O. Box 248, Rhinebeck, NY 12572. Both online and donations by check should be noted as support for the Afghan family.

Our community has always been very generous and we hope you will consider a donation to help this family build a new life here in Rhinebeck.

Fr. Richard McKeon